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When it comes to modern marketing, you hear a lot of buzzwords: SEO, analytics, content marketing, social media marketing, and many, many more. The truth is, these are all important pieces of your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most firms focus on one or the other, leaving you with unclear messaging, a disjointed approach, or both. Alternatively, you can work with a mega marketing firm that covers all aspects but costs thousand per month, making their services prohibitively expensive for small business owners.

We aim to provide enterprise-level, intelligent marketing to small business owners, focused on attracting, converting, and retaining members of your target market throughout the customer life cycle.

Attraction (SEO)

Search engine optimization is crucial in exposing your brand to new customers. Good SEO requires research, quality content, smart design, and a variety of other ongoing strategies. We’ll take care of the basics and coach you on ways to maximize your exposure over the long term.

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Conversion (Design)

Showing up in search results and increasing web traffic is great, but it doesn’t help your business if you aren’t converting those visitors into new customers. Our intelligent web design is focused on influencing your web traffic to take high-value actions that result in more revenue for your business.

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Retention (Relationship Marketing)

Research shows it costs between 5x and 25x more to convert a new customer than it does to retain the ones you already have. We’ll help you implement strategies and technology to create an ongoing relationship with your customers, increasing retention rates, word of mouth, and driving up revenue.

Consulting Services

Customer Sweet Spot

Effective marketing is an ongoing effort. It requires a clear understanding of your business goals, strategy, and competitive advantages. Equipped with this info, you’ll be able to align your efforts for more impact, higher efficiency, and increased return on investment.

Consulting will help determine the unique offerings that set you apart from your competition, the customers seeking what you offer, and put into action a plan to command that section of the market most profitable for your business.

Rochester, MNWho We Are

Gravity Consulting exists to make small businesses more effective through clarity, intention, and top-tier digital marketing that was once accessible only to wealthy corporations.

Gravity was founded in 2020 by Mark Zoller. Mark has served as the Director of Marketing for one of the largest independent insurance agency groups in the United States for nearly a decade, helping hundreds of independent agency owners create, build, and leverage their brands for success.

We serve the Midwest from our headquarters in Rochester, MN.

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