Service Pricing

Our Fee StructureWe aim to provide enterprise-level, intelligent marketing to small business owners, focused on attracting, converting, and retaining members of your target market throughout the customer life cycle.

In order to accomplish these goals, ongoing analysis and optimization of your site is necessary. Because we provide ongoing service, our fee structure includes both a one-time amount for the design and deployment of your site and an ongoing monthly amount.

This fee structure ensures you not only get a beautiful website, but one that attracts new visitors and converts them into new customers. It allows us to make sure we’re delivering on our promise to you, and if not, keep working until we get there.

Additionally, we’ll handle your hosting and domain renewals, and be at your disposal for marketing questions, ideas, or to simply bounce ideas off of.

Web Design Pricing

Web Design & Deployment


*Starting at $1,500

  • Basic Research
  • Professional Design
  • Optimized Content
  • Google Business Setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • Server Configuration

Analysis & Maintenance


  • Analytics w/ Reporting
  • Semi-Annual Performance Review
  • Web Hosting & Domain
  • Optimizations
  • Google Business Management
  • Security & Business Updates

Consulting Pricing

Due to large variance in the size and needs of companies, our consulting fees can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

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