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Rochester MN SEO - Man searching Google on laptopSEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of your website on search engines, like Google.

As search engines have evolved, they’ve become better and better at providing relevant results to searchers. The first step for search engines is to understand what sites are about. So, they prefer websites that are clear and follow best practices, like headings that drill down on a topic. There are a ton of other factors that contribute to your ranking in search engine results pages, and the things that matter change over time.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to assist and improve your Minnesota SEO, Gravity Consulting can help. We’re a Rochester, MN SEO consulting firm with over 10 years of experience.


Gravity Consulting Does It Differently

When you work with some SEO agencies, you pay a high monthly fee with the expectation that you’ll shoot to the top of Google’s rankings, only to find you aren’t noticing much difference. We’ll be the first to tell you that SEO takes time and no one can guarantee your placement on a search engine.

How you’ll rank depends on many factors, including the geographic scope, your competition, and how much time or budget you have to work with. Contact us for an SEO review and we’ll be able to give you a better idea of your standing when it comes to search results.

Web Design Blueprint

Attraction (SEO)

Search engine optimization is crucial in exposing your brand to new customers. Good SEO requires research, quality content, smart design, and a variety of other ongoing strategies. We’ll take care of the basics and coach you on ways to maximize your exposure over the long term.

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Conversion (Design)

Showing up in search results and increasing web traffic is great, but it doesn’t help your business if you aren’t converting those visitors into new customers. Our intelligent web design is focused on influencing your web traffic to take high-value actions that result in more revenue for your business.

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Retention (Relationship Marketing)

Research shows it costs between 5x and 25x more to convert a new customer than it does to retain the ones you already have. We’ll help you implement strategies and technology to create an ongoing relationship with your customers, increasing retention rates, word of mouth, and driving up revenue.

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Attraction SEO

Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that covers dozens of areas, both on your site and off it. All on-site factors can be directly controlled. Some off-site factors can be controlled while some can only be influenced.

Onsite Factors






The content contained on your website is one of the largest factors in your ranking. Content refers not only to the language contained on your site but also to unseen content. When we talk about content, we mean the following:

  • Site language (keywords)
  • Metadata
  • Alt text descriptions
  • Sitemap
  • Schema markup
  • Rich snippets
  • Robots.txt


The structure of your site is another important factor. Structure refers to how your site is laid out both in the code and visually. Important structural considerations include:

  • Clear, easy site navigation
  • Readable URLS
  • Heading tags that structure content with only one H1 tag
  • Links to other pages on your site
  • Redirects on pages that no longer exist or have changed URLS


There are several technical concerns that can impact your search rankings, including:

  • Responsive design (mobile-friendly)
  • Page loading speed
  • Encryption (SSL)

Offsite Factors

Google Business

Social Media



Google Business Listing

Claiming your business with Google is a must. It’s relatively easy and it opens up a ton of functionality, including:

  • Better ranking in local search results
  • Building and replying to customer reviews
  • Accurate location, contact, and office hours info on Google searches
  • Messaging functionality with searchers
  • Image galleries
  • Service area(s)
  • Service & product listings
  • Publishing news or offers that display in your company sidebar
  • Insight into your performance

Social Media

There are differing views on whether social media directly impacts your search ranking. Regardless of actual rank, it provides several positive benefits, including:

  • Additional NAP citations (see below)
  • Additional search listings (e.g. your Facebook page shows in Google results)
  • Amplified reach (your message reaches more people)
  • Engagement (start a conversation with your market)

Name, Address, Phone Number

There are a ton of websites out there that might contain your business info, like your social media pages, and sites that aggregate data such as Yellow Pages. Having your business name, address, and phone number consistent across as many of these sites as possible can help increase your search rankings. Consistency allows search engines to be more confident in your business info and ensures that any search clout you’ve earned is all applied to your website.

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